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Hi, I’m Grant.

I am a DevOps Architect and a Cloud Engineer.

Learning new and challenging things everyday is for me a fundamental part of my life. I love to share my learnings, mentorship and co-creating magic in collaborative settings is one of my core values.

I am passionate about Linux, DevOps, Automation and dogs.

I love to design, architect systems and frameworks throughout the entire sofware development life-cycle. Fanatic proponent of Test Drive Development and Infrastructure as Code to build out CI/CD pipelines for modern containerized distributed systems.

I am an avid Maker and love to conduct hack/make-a-thons. e.g. Pi Build Monitor

I have been coding for over two decades, and been speaking for almost half of that. I speak all over to whomever will listen. I design, architect and code, empower, document, listen and learn, I am engaged and engaging - often not in that exact sequence.

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Other thing’s you’ll find me involved with, practicing my Physical Therapist skills, training Gyrotonic students, photography, and making all sorts of things wabi-sabi && analog style (hand-tooling wood, welding, as well and 3d printing/milling): making furniture, small boats and bespoke IoT hardware interacting with cloud solutions.

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