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Software Engineer and Architect, primarily focusing on server-side and cloud technology, with a track record of building elegant yet robust spaces for scalable systems and collaborative innovation. I’m curious tinkerer, with experience in scalable architecture and breadth in all things technology and frameworks. Strong agile software design and development skills focusing on languages: Python, PowerShell, C#, TypeScript and JavaScript. Primarily interested in individual contributor roles where I am given the space to innovate and stay close to technology. I love mentoring and being mentored. However, I will only manage if it does not take me away from technology and innovation.

With over two decades experience, my focus has been primarily on backend systems – middleware and Enterprise Integration Patterns and databases. Early adopter and champion for Blockchain technologies, primarily permissioned private topologies. Administrator, advocate and SmartContract programmer in particular, Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain.

The idea of space is a very fundamental one for me. This is what draws me to carpentry, metalwork and landscaping. The fascination with creating beautiful spaces is also what motivates me in system architecture. I believe that good system architecture creates beautiful spaces for elegant engineering. When I build developer productivity tools, I am not just designing for efficiency; I pay great attention to the elegance of the tool, even when others find it menial. I truly take pride in building actually useful developer productivity tools, even if they are command line automation scripts. For me, form and function are blended, and beauty is not superficial – rather, beauty is in the minimialist elegance of the design.

Finally, it’s not just about the tools and things we can touch; the space of our human interactions also matters. Constant curiosity, learning, mentoring and nurturing are integral values for me.